Amazon Enters Corporate Email & Calendaring Market with $4/mo "WorkMail"

AWS to link WorkMail (email & calendar) to WorkSpaces (virtual desktop) and WorkDocs (file storage and sharing) ...

Looking for a cloud-based business email alternative to Microsoft 365 or Google Apps/Gmail? Amazon's AWS division (Amazon Web Services) would like to earn your business for just $4 per month per business email box or just $6 per month to include "WorkDocs" (formerly Zocalo).

Industry bloggers from Forbes and FierceCIO suggest that this AWS entry into the web work spaces environment currently dominated by Microsoft 365 and Google Apps is a good start but will not put Microsoft or Google out of business anytime soon.

One unique benefit offered by AWS is the ability for business customers do dictate in which country their data would be stored which I guess is key for anyone worried about government snooping.

A major drawback of the AWS offering is the nascent user interface and the limited integrated office applications offering.

As someone who has used Google Mail , Docs and Drive (storage) for several years, I can say that the Google suite left a lot to be desired when it first rolled out many years ago but today it's quite robust and indispensable to my business.

Bottom Line for Customers & Consultants?

1. Get good at one platform (use it yourself) & understand the others. 

2. Learn how to (or know someone who can) port data from one solution to another.

3. Having Amazon compete against Microsoft & Google is a good thing for overall low pricing.

4. No mention of a channel partner program so consultants must find a way to add value that customers want to pay for.

For More Information

Amazon's WorkMail blog post with setup screenshots

Amazon's WorkMail press release

Amazon WorkMail pricing,

Amazon WorkDocs web page

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