Still Got Voice Land Lines? Say hello to your new phone company...

WSJ announced that Frontier is acquiring Verizon's land line customers in Florida, Texas & California for $10.5 billion. The move will double Frontier's current size. This action follows a similar "triple-size" deal conducted by Frontier in 2010.

This move is both good and bad for customers and consultants because...

Good - Frontier's customer service call center is located in the USA and their reps seem fairly well trained.  I've been placing land line POTS orders for my Frontier customers for several years and they generally get the order right the first time as opposed to AT&T or Verizon land line reps.

Bad - Prices are going to go up. Think about it. Frontier will soon have a monopoly on copper land lines that no other phone company wants to have to maintain for you. 

Good - Copper lines will likely continue to exist at market rates. Many prognosticators have predicted that copper land lines will be completely eliminated in 2017. This will help companies that use copper lines to power analogue modems in areas that can't get a wired internet connection.

Click here to read the original WSJ story.


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