Windstream Hires New CIO. Will this improve rumors of poor installation performance?

WSJ reports that Windstream, a patchwork "national carrier" hired Lewis Langston as its new CIO to replace Cindy Nash who is leaving.

Normally customers and consultants could care less about who a carrier's CIO is but in Windstream's case this could be a good thing if it helps improve a perception that Windstream is a great carrier - but only for customers that survive their installation. I've heard from more than on of my peers that ...

Currently Windstream is in the same category as XO for problematic installations in much the same way that Level(3) was many years ago after it's carrier binge-buying and resultant systems integration headaches. This makes sense as I believe Windstream is still digesting 9 acquisitions since 2006 which result in Windstream employee lay-offs but possibly higher returns for investors

I actually have a business customer getting turned up on Windstream in the near future (based on another consultant's strong recommendation about Windstream's cloud benefits). I'll be sure an let you know how it goes.

If you're a Windstream business customer or consultant sales partner that's gone through a Windstream installation recently, please leave a comment to let us know how it went.

Credits: Original WSJ story

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