Twitter Laments Troll Attacks on Users. Some communications problems can only be solved with human labor...

I gotta admit, it's nice to hear that there's still room for a human employee in a high-tech company.  WSJ reports that the CEO of Twitter believes "We suck at dealing with abuse and trolls on the platform and we’ve sucked at it for years.”

Apparently high-tech can't yet write software or hire enough off-shore help to properly screen out comments from people with nothing else to do but be rude on a keyboard. I know from personal experience...

from moderating several different community websites that it takes a delicate human touch to find the right mix between encouraging your community to input the content you want to end up on your website while at the same time getting them to speak and behave as if they are face-to-face in a friendly business meeting.

Here is an interesting article about a business publication that hired a professional moderator. This article states that Huffington Post employs 40 moderators to keep the trolls in check.

BOTTOM LINE:  Getting your business customers and fans to communicate with you via blog or social media is invaluable but be sure you budget for human moderation labor because otherwise you've wasted what you've spent.

Look at like hiring a good contract social media moderator just as you would hire a good DJ/bouncer at a wedding party.

You need someone to keep order AND get people to dance. You need both - and that takes good old-fashioned human talent! 

Credits: WSJ article

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