FCC Warns Hotels, Others Not to Block Personal Wi-Fi, How do Hotel Operators Respond?

Federal Communications Commission officials warned that the agency will prosecute businesses that block people from using personal Wi-Fi networks. Click here to read more...


Click here to read the WSJ article that describes how the feds are cracking down on hotels and other hospitality businesses that interfere with a guest using their own personal WiFi zones created from their 4G LTE mobile devices.

What are Hotel Owners to Do?

If you own or manage a hotel or hospitality industry venue you know how expensive it can be to provide for your guests' communications needs. Guests want great internet access but they are somewhat reticent to directly pay for it. 

As the telephony environment is constantly changing for hotel and hospitality owners, one good plan is to have a hotel telephony expert review a property owner's voice and data plans at least once a year if not more often.

If you're a property owner looking for a local hospitality telephony expert contact Thing5 at this link or at 877-241-2516

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