ICT is the acronym used to describe any technology mix of equipment, software or managed network services that "mash up" telecom and IT to facilitate communications over private data networks or the public internet. It stands for "information and communications technology". The term is widely used outside the US and is becoming more widespread within the US.


ICT.GUIDE is published by Telecom Association to help business end-user decision makers learn about ICT solutions and then choose a proper ICT vendor with the assistance of a qualified and independent ICT sales partner who is a Telecom Association member.


EDITORIAL FOCUS is to provide decisionassisting information to business customers trying to decide which ICT solution to adapt or migrate to for their business. This guide also rates the top ICT vendors and consultants in ICT sub-categories for the benefit of business customers needing additional ICT selection assistance from ICT experts.


POSTING of useful ICT news, reviews, recommendations, reports, opinions, press releases, white papers, videos, links or any type of Embed.ly content on the "All Posts" page is authorized by any TA member once per month. TA may edit, remove or republish posts.


TELECOM ASSOCIATION is a membership organization of 3,800 ICT professionals founded in 1996 for the purpose of exchanging information, ideas and recommendations. TA primarily serves members and companies based in the USA. 


INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP to TA is complimentary to any individual with a LinkedIn profile that shows they are an ICT consultant, integrator, reseller, channel partner or solution vendor. ICT professionals can join TA for at no charge by clicking the "Join" button anywhere on this site. 


COMPANY MEMBERSHIP to TA is open to any ICT vendor, sales partner or consultant that desires enhanced visibility within ICT.Guide in exchange for paid dues. For more information about paid company membership please contact TA Executive Director Dan Baldwin


RECOMMENDED PROVIDER & TOP MEMBER LISTINGS help ICT customers find a consultant (integrator, reseller, channel partner, etc.) and/or solution vendor that has been recently peer reviewed, vetted and recommended by TA members.


ICT = Telecom + IT

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