about "Dan's Blog"

My name is Dan Baldwin and I sell & consult ICT (information & communications technology) to business customers for a living. I also happen to be the Executive Director of Telecom Association, a membership group a started 20 years ago for people like me.

The purpose of this blog is to share with business end-users news, advice and "how to guides" so they know how to make intelligent ICT solution descriptions.

Almost all of my advice comes in the form of, "This is what I'd do if I were you". 

Please note that while I give free advice to any business end-user that's looking for advice, I'm not currently accepting new consulting clients as my current clients have me 110% booked for probably the rest of my career.

If something in one of my blog post motivates you to want to contract with a sales consultant like me, I'm more than happy to refer you to a peer I know personally and trust to do an even better job for you than I could if I had more time.

Please email referral requests to [email protected].¬†

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