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Device Syncing: Call From Computers and Text From Tablets http://nyti.ms/1BXTFZS

Review: Google Chromebook Pixel by NYT's Molly Wood http://nyti.ms/1I1z7Aw  

Chromebooks Win Buyers Ready to Live in the Cloud by NYT's Molly Wood http://nyti.ms/1AJOhp6

Microsoft Backs Further Away From Selling Software Free upgrade to Windows 10 http://nyti.ms/18L7Cir

Microsoft is killing off the Internet Explorer brand IE will live on, but only as plumbing for Windows http://bit.ly/1B2rHqQ

E-signature, mobile tools in Adobe PDF subscription service For businesses & consumers http://wapo.st/1FFP5ke

Microsoft Has Its ‘Groove Back,’ Say Some CIOs http://on.wsj.com/1I0Af7o 

The Business Phone Call is Back WSJ article discusses how new business phone companies (Switch, Twilio, Talko, Biba) are taking customers from old business phone companies (AT&T, Cisco, Alcatel) http://on.wsj.com/18JdIQn



T-Mobile Takes Aim at Business Market Carrier hopes to lure business customers with $16 flat-fee pricing plan http://on.wsj.com/1Grc68V   http://nyti.ms/193LXBD

Police Departments Deploy Fake Cell Towers to Track Cell Calls Are they listening to your business calls? http://nyti.ms/1GruMWb

Cell Phone Encrypting Software Does it work? http://nyti.ms/1O7Hz5t 

Smartphones on a Budget How to save money with year-old and non-contract phones http://nyti.ms/1GrIqIY

Get the Most From Your Google Android Phone http://nyti.ms/1BRyJ5i 

Getting the Most Out of Apple iOS 8 http://nyti.ms/1GrOils

Google Wireless Plan Has One Catch New Service Will Only Work on Latest Nexus 6 Smartphone http://on.wsj.com/1x2ha3M

Telecom’s Next Goal: Defining 5G Industry pools knowledge in race to go beyond fast download speeds http://on.wsj.com/19ATcSW

BlackBerry Unveils Security-Focused Tablet Developed with IBM & Samsung to increase enterprise & government market share http://on.wsj.com/1I0uabd 


Unified Communications, Collaboration & Social Media

IBM Introduces Twitter-Fueled Data Services for Business to help predict future customer behavior http://nyti.ms/1Grs8ja

Slack, the Office Messaging App That May Finally Sink Email  But are workers ready to see everything every other worker says at work? http://nyti.ms/1MLOcJ2   

What's Office Messaging? HipChat videos show a work day beyond meetings & email http://bit.ly/193OImK 

Using social media for your federal agency Or any big company department that interfaces the public  http://wapo.st/1Cxjn7Y  Example https://storify.com/FAFSA

Will Your Boss "Gamify" Your Job to make you more productive? http://nyti.ms/1Lxboh2

Corporation Under Fire for Monitoring Students’ Twitter Posts Corporate due diligence or spying on children? http://nyti.ms/1MLMOWS



Dems divided on federal anti-hacking bill Don't want to weaken stronger state laws or remove lawsuit threat http://bit.ly/1DCy3o3 

Blue Cross Discloses Data Breach Cyberattack Exposed Medical Data http://nyti.ms/1LwB4u4

Is using email encryption suspicious? Half of Americans say yes, according to Pew http://wapo.st/1MLEhTR


Access, Transport, Infrastructure & Regulatory

Republicans can’t overturn the FCC’s new net neutrality rules without this Democrat And he’s not playing along. http://wapo.st/1MR5Glu 

Net Neutrality Explainer Video from WSJ If you're building a tutorial page of ICT terms, include this video http://nyti.ms/1EwHnYf

Verizon pays $3.4 million after failing to fix a 911 outage in time http://engt.co/18Lezjn

The Internet of "Moving" Things - We've been hearing about the internet of things for quite some time (M2M - machines talking to machines) but now we have the internet of "moving things" - cars talking to other cars, etc.  Check out this NPR story and then this video to lean more.

Got BGP? Get guaranteed bandwidth for critical applications on your BGP protocol network without buying more bandwidth.  Learn how at www.GotBGP.com

The Portable Data Center That Fits in a Suitcase Ubuntu’s "Orange Box” mimics a data center for use in disaster zones and scientific discovery http://bit.ly/1xztd3t

Facebook Readies New-Breed Servers, Aided by Intel Company has been pushing hardware manufacturers to improve their designs http://on.wsj.com/1I0zNGi 


Payment Systems

Facebook Announces a Payments Feature for Its Messenger App System to rival PayPal? http://nyti.ms/1FJcCkh 



How Long to Get 50 Million Users? Infographic shows 75 years for phones & 35 days for angry birds http://on.wsj.com/1Cxc7dQ

The 12 Tech Nuisances That Annoy Us Most Endless notifications, uneven updates, short-lived batteries and other modern headaches http://on.wsj.com/1DBxWZR


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