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Telecom Association is seeking expert partner comments from TA members for the topics and blog posts listed below.

Mobility Device Management - Need blog comments about whether Blackberry's new cloud security software will really be of interest to government and large enterprise customers. 3/2/15

Mobility Apps for Communications - Need blog comments about the ramifications for business customers of using telecom carriers for Internet access but bypassing the telecom carrier's invoices when passing text & voice communications over software apps. 3/2/15

SMS/Text Broadcast & Marketing - Need blog comments about your experiences helping business clients choose SMS & text broadcast and marketing solutions. 2/19/15

Nationwide Invoice Consolidation - Need blog comments about your experience utilizing WCS or any other vendor's "single invoice solution" for customers which aggregate multiple carriers and services onto one invoice. 2/17/15

Hotel & Hospitality Communication - Need blog comments about your experience helping hotels & hospitality businesses provide internet access for their guests without cannibalizing guest revenue.  2/17/15

Intelisys for Technology Services Distribution - Need blog comments about your experience distributing technology services to your clients through master distributor Intelisys. 2/9/15

Windstream Provisioning & Service - Need blog comments about your experience provisioning voice, data & managed services from Windstream as well as the customer experience after the installation is complete. 2/9/15

Frontier Landline Service - Need blog comments about your experience provisioning and managing landline service through Frontier. 2/9/15

Muni Internet & Google Fiber - Need blog comments about your experience helping local municipal city governments consider putting in their own internet fiber services or helping attract Google fiber internet. 2/5/15

Net Neutrality & Telecom Investment - Need blog comments about your thoughts as to whether net neutrality will help or hurt business customers gain access to the best ICT solutions. 2/3/15

Virtual Desktop & DaaS - Need blog comments about your experience helping business customers implement virtual desktop and Desktop-as-a-Service like the email and calendaring solutions mentioned in this article about Amazon's AWS. 1/2/15


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